Neeta Das is the proprietor and principal architect of Neeta Shubhrajit Das Associates with its office at Prathama, 320 Chak Garia, Kolkata 700094.

The office offers services in Design, Architecture, Conservation, and Landscape Design. Shubhrajit Das is the primary architectural designer, Neeta Das is the primary conservation consultant. 

It is a collaborative endeavour with several associates. Our consultants include Rajat Ray and Ramesh Bhole for conservation, Deepak Gehlowt for architectural design, Rajeev Saurastri is our social developemnt consultant, and Ajay Agarwal audits our accounts as our Chartered Accountant. Ishita Das is the Visual Communication Design Associate, and Tania Das is a Landscape Designer and Biodiversity Expert. 

Our office team includes Biplab Mukherjee, Manager and Accountant; Antara Ghosh, Architectural Assistant, and Lipika Joardar,  intern trainee. We are always on the look out for architectural interns who may be interested in joining our team.