Recent Articles

2016 A Tribute to Ar. Charles Correa, Sthapati 2016 (Page 37), IIT, Kharagpur

2012 Decoding the Symbolism in Hindu Mythology (Book Review), Context- Dronah, New Delhi

Structural Conservation

2023 The Story of Mortar. Report, Gerda Henkel Stiftung. Germany.

2016 Understanding Traditional Mortars for Brick Structures in the eastern parts of India. The Journal of the Building Limes Forum, UK. 

2016 Traditional Houses and Housings in India. Indian Architect & Builder. Mumbai

2015 Revival of traditional technology for the survival of heritage buildings, Indian Architect & Builder. Mumbai

2015 De-constructing Sand as an Aggregate, Context- Dronah. New Delhi

2014 Brick Temples of the Gupta Period, Context- Dronah. New Delhi

Architectural Theory

2017 Blurring Boundaries of Conservation, Conserving Architecture, AADI, Ahmedabad

2015 Architecture and Architectural History: Relationships between the Conception and Perception of Buildings,
Architecture, Culture, Interpretation, in Honorem John. E. Hancock. Romania

2009 The Old City of Lucknow: A Case for Urban Renewal. Heritage and Urban Renewal. India

2008 Concepts and Relevance of of History Writing, INTACH. New Delhi

2002 A Critical Appraisal of the Architectural Education in India, GCA, Lucknow.

Architectural History

2016 The Making of KGMU, The Times of India, Lucknow

2014 La Martiniere College, The Times of India, Lucknow

2013 Religious Buildings. Murshidabad: Forgotten Capital of Bengal, Marg, Mumbai

2013 Conclusion. Murshidabad: Forgotten Capital of Bengal, Marg, Mumbai

2008 Lucknow: The First War of Independence. Context, New Delhi

2005 Imagining India: Historiography of Indian Architecture, A+D, New Delhi

2003 Imambara's and Karbalas. Lucknow, Then and Now, Marg, Mumbai

2001 Acrobatics of Style, Discover India, Bombay

1999 Kaiserbagh, The Garden Palace of Lucknow. U P Tourism. Lucknow

1998 Indian Architecture: Problems in the Interpretation of 18th & 19th Century Indian Architecture

Children's literature

2007 Hap'pant meets Asfu Dadu

2007 Where is my mother?

2007 Slowly down the Rajpath

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