Center for Study, Conservation, and Development of the Built Heritage

Inspired by the talks of Prof. B.V. Doshi, during his visit to Lucknow, Mansara, a Social Enterprise of Neeta Shubhrajit Das Associates, was started by a group of young multi-disciplinary professionals interested in doing something for the heritage and their city in around 1989. It was formalized as a non-government organization (PAN Number AAAAM6193P) registered under the Registrar of Firms and Societies and registered on Thirteenth December 2002 (Valid upto 2022).  The overall objective of the organisation was to provide support to projects related to education, research, planning, and management of sustainable services and infrastructural development (both rural and urban) in the social sector, along with research, development, and conservation of historic sites, housing, and environment. The focus of all efforts would be towards the most vulnerable section of society including the socially and economically depressed with special emphasis on women and children. Since inception, Mansara has been primarily involved in sensitisation workshops, research and training, and outreach programs that encourage holistic and sustainable urban re-development through community participation. The society is funded by grants, donations, and project funds. Mansara is currently engaged in capacity building, consultancy, and material research. 

Mansara Brochures 2003-2006,  2006-2008 , 2009-2014.