Started as a result of an inspirational meeting with Prof. B.V. Doshi in an attempt to sensitize ourselves and the citizens of Lucknow about its rich architectural heritage. Mansara has kept this tradition over the last three decades and conducted several workshops and heritage walks in collaboration with Young Intach, Intach, U.P. Tourism, New York's Asian Cultural Council & conservation architect Mary Kay Judy, and many individual such as Prof. Amita Sinha from the University of Urbana Champagne, Prof. Christopher Vernon from Australia. 
    Mansara has also organised several technical workshops on conservation with Indian Conservation Institute, Intach, National Research Laboratory for Conservation, State Museum in Lucknow and State Archaeology and Museum in Kolkata. Several historical activities like visits and measured drawing were organized in collaboration with other teachers and researchers like Prof. Adam Hardy from U.K. 
    Lime Center, Kolkata, another initiative of Mansara, was developed as a laboratory for material analysis in collaboration with Kolkata Scottish Heritage Trust, Scotland and Scottish Lime Center, Charlestown, as part of the conservation project of the Scottish Cemetery, Kolkata. KSHT has been funding KLC since 2013 to date to carry out various researches on material analysis and heritage sensitization. In 2014-15, INTACH Heritage Academy, New Delhi also sponsored KLC to undertake research on lime mortars in India.