Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa

"He who from the depth of his soul seeks to know God will certainly realize him. He must."
"Let the boat stay on the water, there is no harm; but let not the water come in, lest the boat sinks. Similarly, there is no harm if one stays in the world, but the worldliness should not get into them."

"Thakur was, is, and will be with you always. Please resign on him and he will steer you clean!"
Ramakrishna Mission, Lucknow
"We all will have to work for our own Self... It is for you to practise it. Take care."
Pravrajika Vivekaprana
Ramakrishna Sarada Mission,Pangot
"One has to work so hard to earn name, fame, and money. Imagine how much harder we will have to do the same work to realize God."
Pravrajika Anirvanprana
Ramakrishna Sarada Mission, Kolkata